RFdude.com Smith Chart Program

Note: the return loss, mismatch loss and VSWR still don't calculate properly in some cases, and the terminology I've used is somewhat confusing (I know) -- please excuse these quirks.  I'm working on them every once in a long while as I have time.  The impedance calculations are accurate as far as I know.

Also, please note that it seems that all units (even though they are not always displayed in the dialogs or on screen) for frequency are MHz.  Thank you to  Eadaoin Carthy for pointing this out.

0.810 (Bug Fix release)

6/16/2007: Olli found a bug in the calculation of mismatch loss and VSWR in complex source (?) cases. Please give this a try. This should be 100% file compatible with 0.805.

Please let me know if you have problems installing this with the setup.exe included in the zipfile. I have had a lot of trouble getting this to work right on my PC's at home, but it has now been tested on several machines running win2k (2) , XP (3), and vista(1)... and seems to work. This file is much bigger as it includes the visual C++ 2005 runtime libraries/prerequisites.... that seemed to be the closest to "foolproof" as I could come. Some early attempts would install fine, but would throw up errors when you tried to run them. Thank you for your feedback as always.

5/31/2007 Note: ML (mismatch loss) is only calculated based on reflection coefficient, it is not equal to insertion loss for lossy networks. This was brought up by a user and is worth clarifying (thanks to Olli-Pekka Lundén from Tampere University of Technology (TUT)). This has always worked this way -- nothing new, but again... worth clarifying. I do not report "loss" or "insertion loss" in the program.

Older Versions

Version 0.805 Download (~500k) -- docs not up to date, has "F1/F2/F3" update -- see setup dialog and use function keys F1-3. THIS VERSION WAS NOT TESTED THAT CAREFULLY, LL 2/8/2006

Version 0.803 Download (~500k) -- 9/9/2003 - fixed a big bug (typo) in previous versions... apparently previous Microsoft complier versions tolerated this (?)

Version 0.801 Download (~500k)


Known Bugs (send yours in if you really do have *bugs*)